Its a playground

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Its a playground


Amazing video and picures are made to be shown!
We give presentations for companies, clubs and organisations about what we’ve learned over the years in the mountains. Feel free to contact us for more information.

2 young, motivated climbers/skiers take you on a trip full of images, sound and emotions. Trying to find their way between high peaks and deep valley’s. Armed with ski’s, crampons, ice axes and ropes Yannick de Bièvre (30) and Sam Van Brempt (27) encountered the most amazing adventures: Climbing a 7000m peak in Kyrgistan, the most beautiful mountains of Peru, a hard route on America’s highest,… But also multiple climbs in the Alps, skiing above the polar circle, Morocco and much more…
After filming and photographing it’s now time to show you our story. But unfortunately not only trough succes. Just as in real life, you never reach you’re high point if you don’t know the lows… We take you on a visual journey trough the hopes and dreams of real mountaineers.


15 December 2013 – Patagonia, Attempt to Succeed, K2 Antwerpen