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Its a playground


We, Yannick De Bièvre (30) and Sam Van Brempt (27), first met each other in 2007 for the  ‘Mount Coach’ program. This project was started by the Belgium mountaineering federation (KBF) in order to find, motivate and train young climbing and skiing talents to become experienced all-round alpinists. (More info on: www.mountcoach.net)

Since then we are both discovering the vertical world. With skis, crampons, ice axes and ropes we ended up in the most beautiful places. We climbed a 7000m peak in Kirgizstan, went looking for the most exciting mountains of Peru, tried a route on Denali, went climbing and skiing in Morocco, Japan, above the polar circle and much more. And of course we weren’t shy of the Alps…

We crossed each other because we where both constantly on the lookout for all-round adventures. We always try to incorporate as many different sides of mountaineering as possible. Combined with visiting different cultures, seeing unknown places and good partnership it’s our receipt for an ideal expedition!

Because we never leave home without our (film)cameras and diary, we want to give you a peak in our climbing lives. Feel free to watch our foto’s/films and read our reports.

Yannick & Sam